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Visit the Newest Baby Panda, Su Lin at the San Diego Zoo. The female panda was born on 08/02/05 and her name means "A little bit of something very good"
Visit Mei Sheng (pronounced May-Shun) at the San Diego Zoo. The male panda was born at 1:14pm on 08/19/03 and his names means "Born in the USA" and "Beautiful Life"
Our baby had twins yesterday!Her first was born at 7:45am and her second at 8:24am (China time) Hua Mei ("China USA") was born on August 22, 1999 at 11:40am
Here is group picture of all the cubs born in 2005 at the Woolong Center. Can you find Hua Mei's twins?
Lun Lun (female 08/25/97)Yang Yang (male 09/09/97 name means "little sea") from the Atlanta Zoo
Memphis Zoo features Ya Ya
National Zoo features Mei Xiang (may-SHONG
female 07/22/98 names means "beautiful frangrance") Tian Tian (t-YEN t-YEN male 08/27/97 name means "more and more"

Golden West College - Spring 2007
Course Start Date Section
Computer Business Administration - Open Lab - 1st 8 weeks February 01, 2007 - CANCELED Friday PM
Computer Business Administration - Open Lab - 2nd 8 weeks April 06, 2007 - CANCELED Friday PM


Golden West College is one of three community colleges that comprise the Coast Community College District include: Coastline Community College, Golden West College, and Orange Coast College. The fourth component of the CCCD used to include the public broadcast station KOCE (Channel 50) until it was sold on November 03, 2004 to the KOCE Foundation. Golden West College is located in beautiful Huntington Beach, California.

An alumni of Golden West College, I am currently working at GWC as a Division/Area Coordinator - Special Assignment in the Health Education/Physical Education/Athletics Department. I was transferred on January 21, 2010 from Techonology Support Services. I became an adjunct instructor at GWC in October 1999. I designed and had been teaching the Computer Concepts course which is part of the Cisco Certification Tract since the inception. I was also an part time instructor in the Computer Office/Administration Lab. I have been working for the Coast Community College District for over 30 years (27 years as classified), mainly located at Golden West College. My most memorable event was when I was honored to be recognized as the First Classified Employee of the Month at Golden West College. Since then, I was awarded the Employee of the Month for December 2002. I have been a member of the Safety Committee (formerly Disaster Preparedness Committee & Crisis Alert Committee & Safety Committee) for over 15 years.

I am a member of the Coast Federation of Classified Employees - Union for Classified Employees.

I have completed a Macintosh Maintenance and Troubleshooting course, a PC Maintenance course, an Understanding Networking Fundamentals course, a course in CGI, and a Java course. I've worked on computers for several years.

On a personal level, I am very involved with Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response for people AND for animals. I am a founding member and current board member of the newly formed organization called Surf City Animal Response Team (SCART) .

Associates of Arts degree Golden West College
Bachelor degree - Business Administration University of Phoenix
Masters degree - Business Administration University of LaVerne
Web Master Certificate California State University, Fullerton
Certified Employee Transportation Coordinator Southern California Air Quality Management District
Community Emergency Reponse Team (CERT)
Disaster Service Worker (DSW)
Huntington Beach CERT Website
Heartsaver CPR
Introduction to Disaster Services ARC 3066
Mass Care: An Overview ARC 3068-1
Shelter Operations ARC 3068-11
Shelter Simulation ARC 3068-12
Pet First Aid for Cats and Dogs
Volunteer Orientation - American Red Cross
Human Resources in Disaster
American Red Cross - Orange County Chapter
Emergency Animal Sheltering & Disaster Response The Humane Society of the United States
Area G Veterinary Disaster Team City of Torrance
Animal Assisted Therapy
Animal Assisted Activities
Animal Assisted Therapy Handler
Delta Society
Microsoft Access Certificate California State University, Fullerton
Animal Assisted Crisis Response Hope Crisis Response
Emergency Animal Rescue Services (EARS) United Animal Nations
Introduction to Incident Command Systems - IS 100
ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents - IS 200
National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction - IS 700
National Response Plan (NRP), An Introduction (IS 800)
FEMA Independent Study Courses

SkillSoft Courses OnLine via SkillSoft web site

Disaster Welfare Information: Connecting Your Community
Emergency Operations Center
Records and Reports in Disaster
Orientation to Orange County Chapter EOC
General Communications Workshop
American Red Cross - Orange County Chapter
Animals in Disasters Module A, Awareness and Preparedness (IS 10)
Animals in Disasters Module B, Community Planning (IS 11)
Basic Incident Command System (IS 195)
FEMA Independent Study Courses
ARC Independent Study Courses

Java Programming Golden West College
CGI Programming for the Web Golden West College
Introduction to PC Troubleshooting Golden West College
Troubleshooting & Maintaining the Macintosh CompuMaster
Understanding Networking Fundamentals CompuMaster
Wireless Networking Fundamentals: WANs, LANs and PANs Networld + Interop Tutorial
Java Essentials California State University, Long Beach
How To Troubleshoot, Maintain, and TuneUp PCs CompuMaster
Windows 2000 Professional Golden West College
Quickbooks Golden West College
Information Technology 201 - Cisco I Golden West College
Information Technology 202 - Cisco II Golden West College
MS Front Page Golden West College
Introduction to Photoshop 6 Golden West College
Education 103 - Introduction/Computers in Education - WebCT 3.6 Education 103
Education 104 - Introduction/Computers in Education - WebCT 3.6 Education 104
Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0 Golden West College
Introduction to Dreamweaver XP Golden West College
Fundaments of Microsoft Access XP
Intermediate Microsoft Access XP
Advanced Microsoft Access XP
California State University, Fullerton
Advanced Web Design
Beginning Web Design
Golden West College
Dell Training Certification Dell

Pictures that I have taken myself:


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This is my first real attempt at a home page, actually I'm really into java development.

Until I compile my own java.apps, click here to use a demo app from the book "Hooked on Java" by Arthur van Hoff,published by Addison Wesley Developers Press.

Some of my favorite sites

  Okinawa - This is a map and general information about Okinawa
  Japanese American Network
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  Hawaiian - Learn the Hawaiian Language
  Hawaiian Airlines
  China Tour
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  Home and Garden Channel Website Some of my favorite shows include: Carol Duval Show, Curb Appeal, Decorating Cents, Designing for the Sexes, Gardening by the Yard, Surprise Gardener, Simply Quilts, Smart Solutions, TIPical Mary Ellen, Treasure Makers, and Weekend Warriors
  Animal Channel Check out: Emergency Vets, Animal Precinct, K-9 to 5, Breed All About It, Pet Story, and That's My Baby.
  Nuts for Mutts
  The Animal Rescue Site Click every day to help feed the animals.
  Surf City Animal Response Team

Favorite pictures that I "borrowed" from other locations:


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